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We create beautiful and convenient quality products for your home and office.

At Ciel Wood, we see it as our mission to create beautiful and convenient quality products for your home. Products that are smart in every possible way: panels that fit your needs, stylish floors that can be assembled in a fast, clever way and smart solutions for insulating your house. This ambition is clearly expressed in our tagline:

Our Vision

All Ciel Wood divisions share a single, unique way of doing things: the Ciel Wood way. Our passion to offer our clients only the best products drives us to keep on investing and innovating. Entrepreneurship is in our genes. Our ultimate goal: excellence in everything we do. Always with due respect for everyone we collaborate with and for the world around us.


We all share the same passion for our work and for our company. We have a passion to design the most attractive products for our customers, to create the best quality and to offer the best service. We get our energy from innovation, installing and maintaining new technology and the continuous optimization of our processes and policy.


Working for Ciel Wood is like working for your own firm. Together we make up a team of entrepreneurs driven by the will to be successful. Working together is our motto. Everyone helps everyone. We stimulate initiative and debate with respect for everyone’s contribution. Work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit is in our genes: anything is possible as long as we work hard according to a smart plan and invest in people and technology in a well-considered way. 


We are convinced that we can make every challenge a success. With our heart and soul, we strive for perfection, which is why we constantly question ourselves. Our ultimate goal is to achieve excellence in everything we do. We want to be the best on every market we are active in. No matter what we do and where we do it, only the best is good enough.


Respect is the cornerstone of our policy: respect for our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and everyone we work with, respect for the environment and respect for a healthy and safe work environment. Time and time again, we look for a perfect balance of economic, social and environmental considerations whilst respecting the values and convictions of different cultures. 


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