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Cielwood second plant of same nature is under construction in Brahma Jhang Bahter near Islamabad.

Cielwood new design Catalog

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Cielwood proudly announces release of its eye catching new design catalog for its valuable customers.


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Published in General Monday, 04 November 2013 13:25

Sustainable use of wood

A large share of the wood that CIEL WOOD uses for its products comes from the recycling of wood from large demolition works and municipal container parks. This wood is carefully sorted - both by the supplier of the wood and by CIEL WOOD - and freed of any ferrous or non-ferrous metals. The residual fraction is further recycled as much as possible by waste processors.

All of the new wood that CIEL WOOD uses carries the PEFC label. The Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification is an internationally recognized label which ensures that the wood has been produced in an ecologically, socially and economically correct way. Forests are thinned-out in order to promote the growth and health of the trees and, after trees have been cut, new ones from indigenous species are planted. 

CIEL WOOD also uses only pulp wood that, due to its shape, is unusable for manufacturing pieces of furniture and boards, such as curved branches, tree trunks that are too thin and the edge strips of trunks.

Sustainable Products

 CIEL WOOD turns sustainable raw materials into sustainable products, like the click laminate of Quick-Step (CIEL WOOD, division flooring). This laminate can be installed without using any adhesives. It is also possible to move the laminate floor. And, at the end of its service life, the wood can be recycled.

CIEL WOOD, division insulation produces not only insulation materials but also prefabricated insulated roofing elements. The less heat that is lost by a home, the less energy we have to consume and the less CO2 we emit.

CIEL WOOD, division panels produces particle boards that contain a high proportion of recycled wood.

Through research and product innovation, Ciel Wood wishes to even further increase the sustainable character of its products. Methods such as LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) should help us to proactively understand and reduce the environmental impact of existing and new product developments.

Sustainable Production

As far as economically feasible, CIEL WOOD´s production sites apply the best available technologies in order to cause minimum harm to the environment.  

Thanks to the Lean, 5S methods, production losses are avoided at the source as much as possible.  This is supported by training, follow-up and awareness-raising campaigns.

Numerous “end-of-pipe” techniques are also employed in order to prevent environmental pollution, such as gravity separators, settling basins, sand filters for rain water that has come into contact with wood, cyclones and electrical filters at the outlet of exhaust systems. 

The environmental policy is coordinated by the local environmental manager. It is integrated into the entire company policy and, as such, responsibility for its fulfilment is borne by the whole organisation.

Thanks in part to its participation in the Energy Efficiency Benchmark Covenant, the Ciel Wood Flooring site succeeded in reducing its specific energy consumption by 15 % between the beginning of 2008 and the end of 2010. Investments are being made in energy-saving projects at the other Ciel Wood sites as well.    

Sustainable Management

CIEL WOOD, division flooring site also subscribed to the Corporate Sustainability Charter, a programme in which companies can voluntarily participate. To do so they must propose actions on 10 sustainability themes which are evaluated each year by a committee of external experts. Ciel Wood Flooring received the annual certificate of the Corporate Sustainability Charter in 2010 and 2011. The longer-term intention is to apply the principles of the Charter to CIEL WOOD´s other Belgian sites as well. 

CIEL WOOD wants to integrate sustainability principles even more explicitly into its management: in all business processes and all decisions, not only economic but also ecological and social aspects will be taken into consideration. In this way, the company wishes to base its further growth and development on the respect and trust that it builds up and continuously earns from all stakeholders:

•             The shareholders expect not only that profit is made, but also that the company has a long-term vision and perpetuates its growth within a framework of social responsibility.

•             The employees find their salary important, but also such elements as working conditions, working circumstances and atmosphere.

•             Our customers want a beautiful and robust product that is easy to handle and install, as well as one that doesn´t release harmful substances in the home during use. Customers are also interested in what can be done with the products at the end of their service life.

•             Nearby residents, environmental authorities and environmental organisations expect that our production and products cause only a minimum amount of nuisance and harm to the environment. Environmental organisations, consumer associations and environmentally-aware customers also count on the fact that the wood that is used has come from sustainably-managed forests and consequently bears the PEFC or FSC label.

Each stakeholder has a certain set of expectations based on his or her particular values. The challenge for a company consists in striking the right balance between these different wishes.

In order to know and understand these wishes even better, CIEL WOOD attaches great importance to developing and maintaining a good relationship with the different stakeholders. Hence (among other things) our internal information meetings and safety meetings for employees, our contribution to the sustainability policy at the European Forum of employee representatives, our contacts with environmental associations and neighbourhood committees, and our active cooperation with the Federations, both national and European, of the wood-processing industry. The vision of all these stakeholders will, directly or indirectly, help to define the company´s long-term strategy. 



In all its product categories, CIEL WOOD follows trends very closely. Trends are the inspiration for stylists and designers who interpret these trends to develop identifiable CIEL WOOD products, products reflecting Ciel Wood’s identity and character, in other words CIEL WOOD’s house style.

Today’s trends evolve to become tomorrow’s classics. Each time, CIEL WOOD strives to develop products that will remain appreciated for their timeless design, even after the trend that initially inspired them has faded away.

Trends are also present at technological level, and emerging new product categories as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques are constantly reviewed and evaluated, keeping in mind future implementation in one of the CIEL WOOD companies.

CIEL WOOD evolves not only with existing trends, but also dares to implement radical changes in products and technologies, and to support or even initiate new trends. With its products and production processes, CIEL WOOD wants to stand at the forefront of technology in its sector.

Experts and Craftsmanship

With its products, CIEL WOOD operates in a field where craftsmanship and skill are essential. The building crafts, manufacturing furniture and floors, are supported here by the most advanced technologies: rapid prototyping, CAD-CAM, simulation techniques. Experts provide a production-ready design of a mature idea, which can be manufactured industrially with a high precision quality, at high automation levels.

Thank to the diversity of its products, CIEL WOOD can rely on in-house experts with knowledge of various technological domains. This melting pot of specialities generates cross-fertilization between the various divisions and avoids short-sightness towards promising techniques originating from neighbouring technical domains.

CIEL WOOD masters the entire production process from raw material to the finished product and is capable of implementing innovations at each step of this process.

CIEL WOOD has the in-house expertise to face the many challenges of intellectual property rights, like the granting of third party patents, starting from the early stages of the development process.

The focus of innovation is always on the product. Each and every time, existing products and their properties are re-evaluated. New or improved features or qualities are added to existing products, and new products are created when the ideal opportunities to support future evolution are provided.

Happy Consumers

Happy consumers, that’s what we’re looking for. CIEL WOOD products aim at conquering a place in the world of conscious consumers. CIEL WOOD’s innovation follows the consumers’ expectations but it also intends to positively surprise them by achieving the unexpected.

CIEL WOOD wants to offer comfort to the consumers over the entire life cycle of the product.

•             Comfort when purchasing. Consumers opt for a well-known brand with a renowned quality: Quick-Step, Didit, U-Therm.

•             Comfort when installing the product. CIEL WOOD wants to be a pleasant partner, also when the product is being installed. Therefore, over the years CIEL WOOD has developed the Uniclic system for Quick-Step floors and for the Didit furniture.

•             Comfort during the life cycle. The timeless character of the design of the Ciel Wood products provides lasting satisfaction. The quality of the CIEL WOOD products guarantees a long life cycle. Depending on the properties required, the best materials are used where it’s necessary.

•             Comfort when the life cycle is over. CIEL WOOD products are designed with the end of the life cycle in mind. A good example for this is the possibility to disassemble Quick-Step floors and Didit furniture plank by plank.


The Green Environment and Green Engineering

For many years we have held a deep commitment to build a sustainable green business and a green environment for the present and the future. We maintain manufacturing processes which are both efficient and environmental. We produce almost zero waste in our manufacturing processes, from sawmilling through to board manufacture and melamine laminating. Our CARP certificate ensures the product meets the requirements of the most stringent regulation in the world with regards to environment conservation. We promote and compliance with ISO 14001: 2004 standard for environmental management and ISO 28001: 2001 standard for occupational health and safety management system. Ciel Wood continuously receives Green Business Award from state government.

Over the past few years, in order to meet its growing demand for quality raw material supply and improving our environment, Ciel Wood continues to invest heavily in fast-growing plantations nationwide totaling an area of about 120,000.00 acres. This Green Project also provides thousands of job opportunity for local residents and helping regional economic development. We will continue trying our best to build the best resource for our environment and greening our life.

What we offer

Published in General Monday, 04 November 2013 13:25

Ciel Wood Industries Ltd. is a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of interior infrastructure products. Backed by our expertise in supplying high-quality products, we provide both surface finish and foundation/structural products for homes, offices and retail establishments.

Our extensive experience in interior infrastructure projects and overwhelming growth in real estate sector such as residential, commercial and retail has enabled us to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Our offerings include:

Decorative Laminates

Wide range of laminates to meet modern infrastructure needs.

Decorative Veneers

An exquisite range of decorative veneers that bring you the world's most striking timbers.

Plywood & Block Board

High quality products for furniture partitions, paneling, cavity flooring, paneled floors, hoardings, false ceilings and other exterior-and semi-exterior applications.

Medium Density Fibreboard

The most adaptable, eco-friendly, engineered panels available today, are made from wood which is refined into fibres and then reconstituted with a resin binder at elevated temperatures to form panels finished into fibers and reconstructed with a resin binder bearing high temperatures.

Restroom Cubicles

Long-lasting cubicles that are not only easy to maintain but comes with unprecedented 10 years warranty.

Flush Doors

Green Doors are a wide range of premium borer-proof doors made by mechanized manufacturing process, which offers uniform thickness without undulation, warping or bending and a smooth surface for laminations.

These products are manufactured in such as a way to deliver the required quality out of your interior infrastructure project. Moreover, our products are well-suited for homes, offices, and retail establishments.

Who We Are

Published in General Monday, 04 November 2013 13:24

We CIEL WOOD WORKS (PVT) LTD of  KPK, Peshawar, Pakistan is one of the High – tech pride channel of the OCEAN Group of Industries (OGI) Pakistan, holding rich experience of more than thirty years in successful Industrialization in wood base panel, Pharmaceuticals, Cooking brands, Safe match sticks and other Customers services  channels with in the country and abroad facilitating our customers with satisfaction and pride.   

Profile and History

CIEL WOOD WORKS (PVT) Limited was founded in 2007, installing SUNDS DEFIBERATOR plant   made in SWEDEN, using European technology and become recognized  as specialized in manufacturing International standard MDF (Medium Density fiberboard) and HDF (High Density fiberboard). The fast acceptance of our products in the market encouraged us to focus more on the needs of our customers and bring continuous innovation in wood works stuff. We are the pioneer and the first Industry of the KPK province, Peshawar manufacturing and marketing the best fiberboard for all wood work.

  • We are focused in most demanded three products i.e MDF,HDF and LMDF presentations used for all wood works and marketing it meeting broad acceptance of the products in demand.
  • We are customer’s oriented organization following ethical business  practices and have great regards and respect to satisfy their needs on priority with efficiency and dignity.
  • We have set SOPS to follow and maintain quality of work with uniformity  to encourage and facilitate our internal and external customers.
  • We have team of professionals working in our all departments, they are qualified and experienced in their respective job descriptions and are clear on the objectives and ready for the best deliverance.
  • Since last six years in competitive market  we have successfully  achieved  our primary benchmark in a very short period by marketing our products  Pan-Pakistan, Middle East and Afghanistan and proved our worth by meeting the International standards and customers satisfaction at full.
  • We are fast growing organization with an attitude to reinvest in our people and technology to continue our efforts in adding values to our services and products in best regards to our customers satisfaction.                                    

Our Objectives

  • To establish the efficacy and durability of our brands as a first choice in wood works.  
  • To establish long term relationship with our customers by meeting their interest and needs with full satisfaction.
  • To Establish at the extent that people wants to join.
  • To bring innovation and advancement to our technology in order to maintain the beautification and quality of our products.
  • To make our competitors follow our success stories.

Our Customers

Dealing with all kind of wood works in purchase direct or indirect   are our pride customers. We learn through their experience and feedback and believe in establishing long term relationship by satisfying their needs of mutual interest. We welcome their suggestions for continuous improvement in our services  and look forward to facilitate them in supplying quality stuff with competitive price, quality and  timed delivery.

Our Plant                          

CIEL WOOD WORKS (PVT) LTD is located in the  17,Industrial Estate Hayatabad, KPK (Province), Peshawar, Pakistan. CIEL wood work is specialized in manufacturing three most demanded presentations in fiberboard (used for all wood works) MDF ,HDF and LMDF (Laminated Medium Density Fiberboard), MDF Plain (Medium Density fiberboard)  and HDF (High Density fiberboard). We are the pioneer and the first MDF, HDF manufacturer Industry in KPK, Peshawar.
Our plant is ‘SUNDS DEFIBRATOR’, SWEDEN made which is a High –Tech European technology. We have a quality assurance European standards and procedures in our manufacturing’s and quality control system which enable us to maintain the quality and durability of our products. We use best quality wood for manufacturing our products, because the quality maintained system of our plant does not process any sub standard material, and also use best melamine sheet for Lamination (LMDF). Our each LMDF, MDF and HDF sheet that is supplied locally or abroad is of export standard. Our products have excellent moisture resistance and strength and having excellent thermal resistance.

Ciel Wood MDF and Its Applications

Published in General Monday, 04 November 2013 10:38

Ciel Wood MDF is an excellent substrate that is very smooth, stable, and flat and offers superior design flexibility, which is widely used in timber floor, furnitures, doors, wall panels, indoor decor such as cars and planes, etc. With second processing, it can also be used in concrete mould.


MDF/HDF’s excellent performance is widely used in furniture manufacturing, audio box, flooring, wallboard and indoor decoration. Also it can be used as inside decoration for vehicle, ship and plane. With second time processing, MDF can be used for concrete mould, heat resistance board, non-load-bearing partition wall and so on. It is instead of a lot of natural wood and has better economic benefit.

MDF performance properties

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is made by compressing raw wood fiber or other plant fiber under high pressure and heating controlled condition using urea – formaldehyde resin or other synthetic resin.

Our employment of “Flat-Press” Whole Set production method, currently being the world’s most advanced technology provides better physical performance properties. Its superior properties in terms of density, smoothness, solid surface, symmetrical inner structure and excellent mechanical properties render its suitability for complex mechanical processing both on surface and on the edge.

Due to its excellent mechanical properties, it outperforms any other known man-made products. It can be inflected and adorned directly by sawing, drilling, cutting and milling. Our “Ciel Wood” MDF with a density from 450kg/m3 to 880kg/m3 rivals with similar advanced products in KPK and all over pakistan.

The MDF Applications

Ciel Wood MDF is an excellent substrate that is very smooth, stable, and flat and offers superior design flexibility, which is widely used in timber floor, furniture’s, doors, wall panels, indoor decor such as cars and planes, etc. With second processing, it can also be used in concrete mold.



Turning veneer into great piece of wood

Published in SlideShow Thursday, 30 August 2012 12:09

We are proud to be the latest manufacturer of veneer in Pakistan Just to start with, we already have more than 20 different types of natural wood design for you to choose from & more are being designed & selected to keep up with the trends.

What is distinctively unique about our product is that you can actually feel the exact texture of the natural wood grain. This actually creates an additional unique character to each & every product design. This is where we can truly synchronizing to your environment, placing Ciel Wood in a class of our own.

What really impressed our clients is that Ciel Wood Industry is ever ready to customize your texture design and flexibility in color matching according to client desires.

Ciel Wood for Smart Living

Published in SlideShow Thursday, 30 August 2012 12:06

Ciel Wood HDF is very popular for creating modern kitchen cabinets in different styles: traditional classic and contemporary modern design.

Create a unique natural colours beauty

Published in SlideShow Thursday, 30 August 2012 12:06

Our laminated MDF is used in wide range of wardrobes Designs and to create a unique natural look, rich colors, beauty and individuality of natural wood in any project. These MDF Cabinets has always been designed in running fashion trends and we provide a complete range of fine best quality laminated MDF.

In addition our laminated MDF is also heavily used for kitchen cabinets. The specialists of designing Wardrobes are offering a finest quality range of Ciel Wooden MDF Wardrobe. These wardrobes can easily be customized as per the specifications. Ciel Wood MDF provide wide collection of wooden MDF and made best quality, durability, excellent finish, sturdiness and attractive designs.

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