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We CIEL WOOD WORKS (PVT) LTD of  KPK, Peshawar, Pakistan is one of the High – tech pride channel of the OCEAN Group of Industries (OGI) Pakistan, holding rich experience of more than thirty years in successful Industrialization in wood base panel, Pharmaceuticals, Cooking brands, Safe match sticks and other Customers services  channels with in the country and abroad facilitating our customers with satisfaction and pride.   

Profile and History

CIEL WOOD WORKS (PVT) Limited was founded in 2007, installing SUNDS DEFIBERATOR plant   made in SWEDEN, using European technology and become recognized  as specialized in manufacturing International standard MDF (Medium Density fiberboard) and HDF (High Density fiberboard). The fast acceptance of our products in the market encouraged us to focus more on the needs of our customers and bring continuous innovation in wood works stuff. We are the pioneer and the first Industry of the KPK province, Peshawar manufacturing and marketing the best fiberboard for all wood work.

  • We are focused in most demanded three products i.e MDF,HDF and LMDF presentations used for all wood works and marketing it meeting broad acceptance of the products in demand.
  • We are customer’s oriented organization following ethical business  practices and have great regards and respect to satisfy their needs on priority with efficiency and dignity.
  • We have set SOPS to follow and maintain quality of work with uniformity  to encourage and facilitate our internal and external customers.
  • We have team of professionals working in our all departments, they are qualified and experienced in their respective job descriptions and are clear on the objectives and ready for the best deliverance.
  • Since last six years in competitive market  we have successfully  achieved  our primary benchmark in a very short period by marketing our products  Pan-Pakistan, Middle East and Afghanistan and proved our worth by meeting the International standards and customers satisfaction at full.
  • We are fast growing organization with an attitude to reinvest in our people and technology to continue our efforts in adding values to our services and products in best regards to our customers satisfaction.                                    

Our Objectives

  • To establish the efficacy and durability of our brands as a first choice in wood works.  
  • To establish long term relationship with our customers by meeting their interest and needs with full satisfaction.
  • To Establish at the extent that people wants to join.
  • To bring innovation and advancement to our technology in order to maintain the beautification and quality of our products.
  • To make our competitors follow our success stories.

Our Customers

Dealing with all kind of wood works in purchase direct or indirect   are our pride customers. We learn through their experience and feedback and believe in establishing long term relationship by satisfying their needs of mutual interest. We welcome their suggestions for continuous improvement in our services  and look forward to facilitate them in supplying quality stuff with competitive price, quality and  timed delivery.

Our Plant                          

CIEL WOOD WORKS (PVT) LTD is located in the  17,Industrial Estate Hayatabad, KPK (Province), Peshawar, Pakistan. CIEL wood work is specialized in manufacturing three most demanded presentations in fiberboard (used for all wood works) MDF ,HDF and LMDF (Laminated Medium Density Fiberboard), MDF Plain (Medium Density fiberboard)  and HDF (High Density fiberboard). We are the pioneer and the first MDF, HDF manufacturer Industry in KPK, Peshawar.
Our plant is ‘SUNDS DEFIBRATOR’, SWEDEN made which is a High –Tech European technology. We have a quality assurance European standards and procedures in our manufacturing’s and quality control system which enable us to maintain the quality and durability of our products. We use best quality wood for manufacturing our products, because the quality maintained system of our plant does not process any sub standard material, and also use best melamine sheet for Lamination (LMDF). Our each LMDF, MDF and HDF sheet that is supplied locally or abroad is of export standard. Our products have excellent moisture resistance and strength and having excellent thermal resistance.

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