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Ciel Wood is a fast growing leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality MDF and HDF products and boards in Pakistan. At present, there is only one MDF/HDF manufacturing site in Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has a strong workforce of 200 employees with an annual production capacity of 300,000 cubic meter. Its annual capacity is expected to increase to 500,000 cubic meter in year 2014.

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In order to meet its growing demand for quality raw material supply Ciel Wood continues to source supplies from offshore as well as investing heavily in local fast-growing plantation nationwide.

Ciel Wood Pvt, Ltd. is an expert manufacturer and supplier for complete sets of MDF/HDF in Pakistan. Through several decades of years of sound running, the company has significantly improved the maturity of the production lines and enhance the confidence of customers for Ciel Wood brand products. It also made achievements in the area of high productivity and wide breadth, MDF production line of 18 layer can reach 600 CBM daily and successfully enter the international market. The complete production line is characterized with high productivity, lower consumption, better qualification and variable breadth, the technology is at the leading level in Pakistan and the remarkable features as follows:

  1. Using the most advanced domestic refiner to satisfy fiber with high quality in the production line, compared with the imported products, it has obvious price advantage.
  2. Mechanical forming combined with vacuum negative pressure and crush improved the forming uniformity in transversal density.
  3. The new pre-press can properly control the belt speed up and down as the technical requirement, the antistatic exhaust hood may improve the efficiency and keep the net clean, the super long pressure area can greatly improve the effect of pre-pressure and reduce the closing time of the press.
  4. The technology of new loader significantly enhances the loading ability, the technology of lift driving ensures the stationary of the cage when lift with high speed, and the small impact, the high precision location.
  5. The design of hydraulic system in hot-press is reasonable, it improved the installed capacity and reduced the thickness of procuring layer significantly, and has the remarkable energy- saving effect.
  6. Using the new V type wide belt sanding machine, which advanced the sanding capacity, saved energy, protected the environment, and has more beautiful appearance.
  7. Using the advanced control system with bus structure communication on site, it can set, operate and record the technical data in production, also can do real-time monitoring when breakdown occurred, which reduced the manual intervention and guaranteed the stable operation of the production line.
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