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Through several decades of years of sound running, the company has significantly improved the maturity of the production lines and enhance the confidence of customers for Ciel Wood brand products. It also made achievements in the area of high productivity and wide breadth MDF production line of 18 layer can reach 600 CBM daily and successfully enter the international markets.

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Ciel Wood MDF and Its Applications

  • Ciel Wood MDF and Its Applications Ciel Wood MDF is an excellent substrate that is very smooth, stable, and flat and offers superior design flexibility, which is widely used in timber floor, furnitures, doors, wall panels, indoor decor such as cars and planes, etc. With second processing, it can also be used in concrete mould. MDF /HDF MDF/HDF’s excellent performance is widely used in furniture manufacturing, audio box, flooring, wallboard and indoor decoration. Also it can be used as inside decoration for vehicle, ship and plane. With second time processing, MDF can be used for concrete mould, heat resistance…
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